Sky Creators

We have been improving the business of our customers for years!

Frequent questions

We offer a coaching service up to the achievement of objectives of a maximum month.

The creation of your websites will be built on Shopify, any subscriptions and costs will be paid by the customer.

Prices are not shown because they are not fixed prices, everything will be based on the needs of each interested party.

Just go to the "Contact" section and there you will find everything you need

  • We create websites:
  • ✅ Vision only - Sites with pages dedicated to viewing only your business, luxury and innovation
  • ✅ Appointments - Websites that provide an appointment booking service of any kind.
  • ✅ Events - Websites for advertising events
  • ✅ eCommerce - Online Store for the sale of products and services.

We don't force anyone and we don't need to convince anyone, we've been doing this job for years and we've completed many sites with monthly earnings of 50K and up. We don't give hopes but we give Facts.

Certainly! SkyCreators is an individual company registered with the chamber of commerce and already in the field for several years, the movements will be traced through invoices and the works will be processed and viewed by the customer through estimates. We love to work not play!

However, the creation of a MonoProduct store with a few pages is completed on average within 3 working days, the most important stores and websites are completed on average in 7-12 working days. The calculation is approximate, the completion of a Site can be speeded up at the request of the customer.

Earning times are very personal. On average, a store built by us with a product or service in Trend manages to make the first sales within 2-3 days and will be in profit already from the 1st month

The payment methods will be pre-established at the time of the contract. Usually, when issuing the invoice, we insert our IBAN in order to receive an instant or timed bank transfer from the customer within a maximum of 2 days. Payment is possible in full or in two stages,

Creation start (50% of the amount)

Store delivery (50% of the amount).

The inspections will NOT be carried out in our offices and even less the consultancy.

Consultations: they will be bookable independently by the customer via the selected product page, they will be held via a Video Call on Google Meet.

Site inspections: They can be booked through the selected product page or from the Home Page and will be held through your point of sale.

The advertising campaigns or "Advertising" will be built on the customer's personal profile on Facebook Business via Meta Business, from there both Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads will be managed.